Brand Bible: Is It Important?

When building a brand one of the most important steps is planning. Yes, I know, who likes to plan? However, despite the time consuming and distraction free discomfort you will feel, planning is actually beneficial to branding in more than a few ways. Here at Syncron your brand planning session is a little less like pulling teeth and more like sipping your favorite beverage with an old friend. We keep it professional yet personable. We aim to meet your needs. We understand how hard it is to build a brand and how overwhelmed you might feel. For this very reason after your project with us you will receive a Brand Bible. What is a Brand Bible? Why is a Brand Bible important? I'm glad you asked. Below are two pointers to help you understand the Brand Bible.

  • Your Brand Bible has every detail about your business: past, present, and future. Planning your brand in some ways is just as important as writing your business plan. It sets the tone for how your brand will be viewed. Do you have an underlying theme for your brand? Who does your brand speak to? Do you have any important character traits, social responsibility? All of these aspects are not only covered in your brand bible but are also mapped out for you.

  • Your Brand Bible also contains guidelines for what your brand is and isn't. Have you ever heard of discord? Discord is described as a lack of unity or harmony. This disconnect can be anything from fonts, to themes, to colors. When building your brand it is important to weed out any of these elements. Your Brand Bible keeps discord from happening. Cohesion is key!

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” -Benjamin Franklin

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