When Simplicity Isn't Best

We have all heard the saying that less is best. But there are times when less isn't always best. When creating your business cards it is important to always include pertinent information. Sometimes we have clients that come to us with design ideas in mind, especially new trends. Our most common but most misunderstood trend is the minimalist business card. Make no mistake about it, the minimalist approach is just as effective as a traditional business card when executed correctly. Below is the following example:

One of the first things you'll note about the minimalist business card is the bold simplicity of the complete design. This is perhaps one of my favorite design elements as it allows you to focus solely on the brand. However, we have seen time and time again how people manage to sacrifice information for aesthetic purposes. In this card alone there are some major red flags. I will point them out to you so you won't fall prey to the same mistakes.

  • There is no contact information outside of the phone number. The creator (in this case, us) assumes that the receiver will call forcing a call to action type of response. This can be good for receivers who are more active, however, most are not.

  • The QR code is a great tool to have and is definitely a staple in the minimalist trend. Nevertheless, the creator assumes that the receiver already has the QR app, has the capability to get the app or even knows what it is. This is very risky as you are letting your entire connection with the receiver hang on the potential of a code.

  • Outside of the QR code, telephone number and the rather obvious logo one would only be left with a guess as to what PIQ actually does. This isn't uncommon. After spending so much time getting every design feature correct, the actual nature of the business is absent. If the creator does not have an obvious business name or telling logo it can be hard for the receiver to remember what your business does long after the initial connection with you.

  • Who should the receiver contact? You'd be surprised how often a person of contact is missing.

  • What are the hours of business? Does the owner travel a lot? If so, the time zone should also be listed.

The important thing to remember is that your business card is a representation of you and your company. You want to make sure that everything needed to conduct professional business is included on your card. This means everything! Include every detail. Don't assume your receiver knows anything or will remember everything! It might take some reworking of your design scheme but it will be well worth it.

It's a sure thing!

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